O’neil Creek Campground (Our First Trip)

Our first camping trip in the new camper was to O’neil Creek Campground in Chippewa Falls, WI. This was such a fun trip with the whole family and we had 3 sites in total. Marc and I and the kids, Marc’s sister and her family, and his parents. This campground offers rental units if you don’t have a camper they a a couple on the property. So we were able to buddy camp as the rental camper faces in to create a group camp affect. We spent 5 days here celebrating our youngest child’s birthday. They offer theme weekends and ours was Pirates, Princess and Mermaids. During our stay they had lots of activities for the kids to do. We built teddy bears,  the girls participated in a dress up contest (our older daughter won!), a painting activity and many other fun things throughout Saturday. 

The highlight of our stay was the pirate ship contest. Upon arrival we were given instructions, the ship could only be carboard and duct tape, had to be made on site, and had to be floated down the creek with someone in it. Well we were in luck, we had bought a brand new Blackstone gridle for this trip, and we had the box with us. Marc and the guys helped the kids and used a couple rolls of duct tape creating the aptly named Blackstone express. Our older daughter was captain of the ship. She fell out (the water was freezing) but was able to get back in otherwise she would have taken first, but ultimately she took second. The girls couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had, and how they really would love to go back in the future. 

We enjoyed our stay even though it rained off on the most of the weekend. There were a couple of times our site had 3 inches of standing water in it, but once it stopped raining they water drained off quickly. O’neil creek is a fairly large campground but most of the sites are permanent, but they have a good number of weekender site. For a fee there was also a jumping pillow, mini golf, and jump shot for the kids. Another activity on Saturday was a reptile specialist came in with a bunch of snakes lizards and other critters to talk about the animals and conservation. While we were there a bunch of snapping turtles hatched an headed towards the creek too. On Friday night of our stay they also played a movie on the big screen at the camp outdoors. 


  • Many activities
  • Quite location
  • Buddy camping
  • Large sites
  • Dump station 
  • Camp Store
  • Firewood delivery


  • Most activities cost extra
  • Creek was extremely cold (Still fun though)
  • When it rained the sites had lots of standing water
  • Site are a decent ways from playground and other activities

To check out O’neil Creek Campground’s website click here.

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