Who We Are?


Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by our site. Here is a little about us and how we started our camping adventure.

My name is Jenni, my husband Marc and I were married in 2016. We have three wonderful children ages 18, 13, and 7. We are a typical busy family, Marc and I, both work full time, and the kids are in sports and other extracurricular activities. This takes up a lot of our free time, but we wouldn’t trade a single moment of our crazy lives.

Marc and I both camped with our families as children, and we wanted our kids to experience the same fun we had back then. We went tent camping a couple of times over the years but found it was just not as enjoyable as it was when we were younger. This brought up the discussion about buying a camper, but it was always maybe someday we will.

Fast forward to the spring of last year. Marc’s sister invited us on a camping trip with them. They were in the process of upgrading to a new camper and thought it would be fun for us all to go together. At that point, we did not have our own, but we planned on borrowing my parent’s camper for the trip. We did talk about buying our own, though we were not sure how much we would truly get to use it.

We started online shopping, where we created a list of all the things we wanted and didn’t want in a camper. After looking at what seemed like thousands of different models we decided to see some in person. We looked at dozens that day but did not find exactly what we were looking for. We then started discussing 5th campers instead of travel travelers. After a lot more research and online shopping later we found thought we found the perfect one. We talked to the salesperson, got our pre-approval, and were pretty much all set. All that was left was to go see the camper and have the service department look at the truck.

We set a day to do the walk-through. It was so exciting, this camper was perfect. We fell in love with it, then we here the bad news. Our truck is too tall to tow this camper. With no solution to make it work, we were once again back at square one. To say it was disappointing is an understatement. We decided to view more campers at this dealership. We again looked at dozens. We were able to narrow it down to two models, neither being exactly what we wanted.

We chose the Keystone Cougar 30bhs. It has most of what we were looking for. With only one major drawback, the one thing we didn’t want, was the walk-through bathroom. So far we have not had any real problems with it since there is a door leading outside from the bedroom. We have gone on a few trips in it and have more planned this year and we are looking forward to getting out in the woods soon.